Part One – Introduction


This is our very popular 10 week Introductory Course. These classes are filled with lively discussions in the spirit of inquiry. Sessions last for 2 hours and we break for refreshments for 15 minutes after the first hour. 

The Introductory Course offers an entirely practical approach to the study and practice of philosophical principles. The course is for everyone regardless of race, education, occupation, age, culture and religion. You don't need to have studied philosophy before, all you need is a desire to examine life and enjoy it more fully. 

The format of the class is to enquire around a question or a piece of material written by wise scholars, writers or philosophers. Then we discuss, listen to others perspectives and experiences and then we put this into practice during our day to day lives.

In the first session of the Introductory Course a very simple practice is given to enable students to begin to connect with a deeper peace and stillness within themselves and also observe more clearly the state of their own mind and emotions. This is a useful way to begin the sessions and students also practice this exercise during the week to see how it effects their day. 

If you would like to continue the classes beyond the Introductory Course, we offer courses on the themes of Love, Happiness, Presence and Freedom. The term called Freedom includes an introduction to mantra - based meditation. We look forward to welcoming you to class.

WEEK 1 - The Wisdom Within

Why study philosophy and how can it help you in daily life? Including an introduction to practical exercises in awareness.

WEEK 2 - Knowing Yourself

What am I? am I this body? this mind? these emotions? Is there more?

WEEK 3 - Being Awake

How often and for how long are we awake?

WEEK 4 - Being In The Moment

What you give your attention to grows.

WEEK 5 - Living Justly

What is justice? Is it important to live justly? Would a wise person live justly? 

WEEK 6 - Three - Fold Energy

Do we find that our energy levels vary? Would we like to have more energy? What is energy?

WEEK 7 - The Light Of Reason

What is reason? How can we develop reason? How can reason inform and inspire our lives?

WEEK 8 - The Power Of Beauty

What is beauty itself? What keeps us from experiencing more Beauty?

WEEK 9 - Unity In Diversity

A subject which seems of the moment but in truth has tasked society for eons. Can our diversity be our strength and how can we as individuals aid this cause.

WEEK 10 - The Desire For truth

What are the marks of truth? How can we live more truthful lives?

What People Say...

"I have discovered that happiness comes from within and I've learned the importance of really listening."